This is the campaign for Freedom and Equality. I am an independent-minded liberal Democrat running as a fully independent candidate.

A millenial. A freedom-fighter. A leader. A listener. Let's make Freedom and Equality a reality this year. 

In America and in the 13th District today we need to:

  • end corruption and demand transparency in government
  • create jobs with a living wage
  • end police violence and police misconduct
  • bring an end to the surveillance state
  • welcome immigrants
  • demand observance of our Constitutional and other rights
  • demand freedom and equality for all people nationwide
  • repeal bad laws and fix our broken legal system
  • break partisan gridlock and demand the creation of necessary and proper laws to protect people from corruption and abuses of power

Please explore the rest of my campaign website to learn more about my platform and my passion for making Freedom and Equality a reality in 2016.

With best wishes until we meet,

Steve Jasikoff

Meeting President Clinton as a staffer for a New York State Senator at Secretary Hillary Clinton's induction into the National Women's Rights Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, New York, 2005.